Strip 107 - "Arcane Spell Failure Chance"

11th Dec 2014, 12:00 AM in Forest of Doom
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Raxon 11th Dec 2014, 2:40 AM edit delete reply
Alright, gather round, and I will tell you of the most broken class I ever saw. Divine wizard seemed odd, but the DM gave it the okay. Basically, it's a wizard who could pick three domains to learn wizard spells from. The kicker came when he started out, and we understood. He could cast wizard spells in full plate with no penalties. Combine that with stoneskin and mage armor, and you have a wizard who doubles as a tank, with AC highter than the paladin.

And then we learned he got as many skill points as the rogue. He got class skills from wizard, paladin, and cleric, and even had some paladin goodies like lay on hands available.

He utterly dominated everything.
Disloyal Subject 11th Dec 2014, 8:59 AM edit delete reply
Disloyal Subject
...why on earth would the DM okay that?! If you want to play a primary spellcaster in heavy armor, just be a Psion or divine caster...
Raxon 11th Dec 2014, 11:44 AM edit delete reply
He chose transmutation, evocation, and I forget the third. He was pretty damn powerful at mid levels like we were. However, if he had lived to upper levels, he probably would have been fairly weak for a wizard. Unfortunately, there was a fight on a bridge, and, well, feather fall was not a spell he thought was necessary.
Otaku 12th Dec 2014, 3:08 AM edit delete reply
"Brace yourselves, this is going to be even longer and more inane than usual"
So my only experience with straight-up D&D is when 3e was new. Technically I have the tiniest bit of experience with AD&D because, as I understand it, that is what Hackmaster uses (and I tried to start playing that, but was repeatedly thwarted).

One of the two regular GMs in our group decided that when 3e was new, we were going to start playing it. The setting? A D&D-ized, expanded version of the world of the original Final Fantasy (because at the time most of us were FF fanboys).

We also loved old cartoons so... the GM decided we were going to run "ourselves" in the game, only transported to this fantasy setting and beefed up to be 1st Level characters via mysterious plot devi- err, magical rift. I ended up being a Neutral Good Half-Orc (everyone assumed this would bother me, but I've already got self-image issues, so I figured I'd be down with it). My class? Cleric. So what made this overpowered?

Well, I'm a Christian and since I was playing me, that meant sticking with God and... the GM (who was not a Christian) went with this. So... the God of everything meant I had access to nearly every domain. I don't remember what ones I didn't have access to; in part because I don't remember much of 3e D&D. >_< I think Evil was the only one that was out.

Now, just to make this even more weird and overpowered... I could only attend irregularly back then due to college. The GM didn't want me falling behind and the party needed a cleric so he ran me as an NPC when I wasn't there and made sure I wasn't too far behind the rest of the group.


The GM was crazy generous with Experience Points. Long before he had the supplements to handle characters of level 20+, we were Level 20+. Multi-classing is how we handled going past Level 20. I thought it might be good for my character to spend some time in Orcish society (whatever it was in that setting - I mean I don't remember Orcs in the original Final Fantasy but they were in this one XD). I thus quickly earned 20 levels in Barbarian. Then having tried a more Chaotic approach to life... I did a 180 and became a Lawful Good Paladin.

So even though I'd only played a dozen or so times, by the time I had to permanently leave the group, I think I had a Level 57 Barbarian/Cleric/Paladin. Who could access spells of nearly any domain.

Malroth 11th Dec 2014, 3:04 AM edit delete reply
Mage Armor is an Armor bonus to AC it does not stack with Any material armor worn only the higher of the two apply(but it does apply to attacks from incoporeal foes that usually ignore worn armor).
holywhippet 11th Dec 2014, 6:18 PM edit delete reply

I had one D&D game (my first pen and paper one) where I'd realized I had made a mistake by taking a monk and I was getting hit often due to low AC. I mentioned I should look into getting an item that could cast mage armor at will. One of the other players said it shouldn't be allowed as I could just cast it on everyone in that case. Only later, when I understood the rules better, did I realize that would be pointless as just about everyone else was wearing armor better than the bonus the spell would give.
Debatra 11th Dec 2014, 3:26 AM edit delete reply
"Arc... arca... nine"
Arcanine used Color Spray!

But it failed!

...Sorry, couldn't resist.
Malroth 11th Dec 2014, 3:52 AM edit delete reply
It's Not very Effective.
Disloyal Subject 11th Dec 2014, 9:00 AM edit delete reply
Disloyal Subject
Don't apologize; someone had to say it.
Bitzer 11th Dec 2014, 8:59 PM edit delete reply

"Meteor Knight"
Where did he wander off to?
FlameI7 11th Dec 2014, 9:08 PM edit delete reply

I just realized that subtle "since third level" on the last page
Malroth 12th Dec 2014, 1:02 AM edit delete reply
No surprise, he's a cohort of a paladin, so he gets levels for free whenever his boss levels, since leadership requires a minimum of LV 7 he's bumped up to at least lv 5 just for taking a paycheck.
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