Strip 116 - "Phaedrus Tucker - Part 1"

1st Jan 2015, 12:00 AM in Forest of Doom
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DragonTrainer 22nd Dec 2014, 11:58 PM edit delete



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Tiri 1st Jan 2015, 1:02 AM edit delete reply

Gaius' parents were ok with him making friends with someone who lived with lizardfolk?
Raxon 1st Jan 2015, 1:58 AM edit delete reply
I think his parents are lizardfolk.
Tiri 1st Jan 2015, 2:14 AM edit delete reply

I know, I just felt like I shouldn't use the word "Parents" twice in the same sentence.
Nom 1st Jan 2015, 7:45 AM edit delete reply

An adopted trait? That's interesting. I don't see any kobold racial traits that would help Phaedrus in this situation though.

So I'll assume you are just giving backstory then.
Malroth 2nd Jan 2015, 12:42 AM edit delete reply
I don't see any Kobold racial traits that would help him in ANY situation unless he was going Alchemist, Rogue or Sorcorer but since its been established that his CHA is 7 that one is completely out of the question.
Nom 2nd Jan 2015, 6:32 PM edit delete reply

Hmm... I took a deeper look into the racial traits of Kobolds. Assuming he can take the racial trait Dragon-Scaled (even though he does not have scales), he can gain 5 resistance to electricity.
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