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12th Jun 2014, 12:00 AM in Forest of Doom
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Raxon 12th Jun 2014, 12:28 AM edit delete reply
And so, Zero Roronoa joined our band of intrepid heroes!

Tell a story about mistaking an ally for an enemy! I'll go first!

I have a tendency to make quirky characters. One was an orc who had been tortured and abused by drow. Well, our contact was a blind, black character with milky white eyes. My orc flipped the hell out and had to be subdued before he killed our contact, or possibly himself. They had to stabilize him, since when his fear induced rage wore off, he was at -6.

They ended up in such a bad bargaining position that they had to pool all their money to pay him, and have the elf chick sleep with him. For a week.

That was the most pitiful character I ever made.
Otaku 12th Jun 2014, 8:19 AM edit delete reply
"So Much Fun"
System was GURPS 3e, setting was the GM's homebrew pseudo-medieval fantasy world. Both as a player and as a character, I made a bad in game decision a session ago; no character died, but the short version is... not really that short. I was playing a paladin who was exasperated as a dungeon crawl nearly lead to a TPK. The player running a thief had his character voice that she wanted to go back for the loot we'd left behind (we had not defeated all the monsters but fled for our lives). Annoyed, I had allowed the magical sentient underwear my paladin had (in desperation) donned elastic snap said thief... forgetting said character was playing a small, low HP race. So instead of being a harmless chastisement, it actually did some HP damage.

The GM and I agreed to sideline the character, since this was within the scope of some of his Disadvantages, but was a blemish on his Paladin record. I created a new character, a mage. The GM was allowing as many Disadvantages as you wished, so my mage was a young human dwarf with weight issues, lots of mental issues, caring for his two even younger (and thus almost totally incompetent) siblings... but I had dozens of Spells at levels high enough to earn discounts on Energy cost, halve casting time required, be able to cast them by simply concentrating... and soak penalties for things like distance and having multiple Spells on.

As the GM understood my exasperation that led to the underwear incident, and just had the right kind of temperament, he agreed to a whim I had; the cave where my character and his siblings were staying had been stumbled upon by the party; it wasn't a deep cave, but while the party was near the entrance, my character began casting a series of Spells... with the GM doing all the role-playing since my character was cautiously hiding.

Among other things, I used some relatively simple Spells to create a figure of Darkness (that the party assumed to be a new big bad) and a bat-shaped flame. Other Spells allowed them to simply move around, while yet another allowed me to speak from a disembodied, booming voice (supplied by the GM). As the group took a short break, we laughed it up but figured they had to have caught on by now (the encounter had lasted at least five minutes in real life).

We were wrong. Because their attacks were of course doing little to nothing to insubstantial Darkness or to magically sustained flames, even though my character had not harmed them, they were panicking and thought the GM had sicced another overly hard encounter on the group before even introducing my character. Not realizing this, we revealed the ruse, and perhaps because it was the thief my paladin's underwear had injured a session or two before (healed up by now, of course), the GM allowed him to cash in on his player knowledge and finally find my character.
JET73L 18th May 2015, 4:03 PM edit delete reply

The closest example I can think of was when my nWoD character (who was versed in period-appropriate real-world legends about werewolves and the fair folk, but knew nothing about the World of Darkness versions- Wrong Genre Savvy) kept our new party member at swordpoint until he touched an iron staircase with his bare skin. Once he knew the new guy wasn't one of the Fae, he warmed up immediately.
kidra 12th Jun 2014, 6:29 AM edit delete reply
Wait, you mean you make quirky characters Raxon? I had no idea ;-)
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