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Strip 429 - "Blast Radius 20 Feet"

30th Dec 2016, 11:00 PM in Cave of No Return
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Strip 429 - "Blast Radius 20 Feet"
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DragonTrainer 1st Jan 2017, 12:01 AM edit delete



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Otaku 1st Jan 2017, 8:18 AM edit delete reply
"Storytime: New Beginnings, Old Endings"
Happy New Year!

How about some storytime: just share about how a campaign began, especially if it somehow tied into the ending (or incomplete resolution) of an old one.
Otaku 1st Jan 2017, 8:27 AM edit delete reply
"Personal Example"
To kick things off, I myself will share one. I was still new to RPGs, and sticking with my first system (GURPS 3e). One of the two people who would be our primary GM's (alternating campaigns) started one that was a heavily Star Wars inspired fantasy setting. Still pseudo-medieval in its level of technology, regular magery was around, but there were basically super mages akin to Jedi swinging around "essence swords" that were akin to magical lightsabers.

We started out with very strong characters and kept having opportunities to make them stronger without really having earned it. Eventually the game had to have a soft reboot; most players got new characters. My weretiger (who was a Not! Jedi, cleric, and martial artist) was allowed to return, but stuck in tiger form sans most abilities.

The real kicker... that first time pre-nerfing was actually a reboot of the game as well! Before I'd joined the group the GM had also tried to use this setting. XD
Halosty45 2nd Jan 2017, 11:08 AM edit delete reply
The princess of the largest kingdom on the material plane was captured by a demon lord. Our party fought through an army of demons to his castle, then started fighting the demon lord himself. Halfway through the fight, the demon lord basically shrugged and left- "Something more important came up."
So we returned the princess by opening a gate (basically just a temporary portal) directly from hell into the king's throne room.
I'm pretty sure that was the session the continent was cut in half.
And yes, this was the first session of the campaign.
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