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17th Jul 2014, 12:18 AM in Forest of Doom
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Raxon 17th Jul 2014, 12:54 AM edit delete reply
"Hey, can you sign this waiver? We need to be sure that if you die while we're gone, we can still take our payment when the orcs are dead."

Sadly, I have seen a player talk the townspeople into signing such an agreement, even though he was getting paid to protect said townsfolk from attacking goblins. He then negotiated with the goblins, and led all the men away while the goblins killed, raped, and ate the women, preferably in that order, and kidnapped the children to raise as slaves. Meanwhile, the menfolk were led away, right into a goblin trap.

Said adventurer then wiped out the goblins, looted the whole town, and then rushed to the next town to pawn his newfound wealth, then to the town on the opposite side of the looted town to report it, so he wouldn't be immediately recognized as the guy who was pawning off three dozen wagonloads of household wares and goods. He collected a reward for the dead goblins, and got the hell out of there.

Then the rest of the party got back from the snack run, and they. Were. PISSED!

Tell a story about leaving NPCs to fend for themselves.

EDIT: I should also mention that when they got back, they were all caught in the looted, dead town and arrested for looting. I am told that afterwards, the player handed his character sheet to the DM, and that character was now the big bad of the campaign.
Pibald 17th Jul 2014, 4:15 PM edit delete reply

Got to say, that almost sounds like DM & player collusion, to create a new big bad and allow the player to roll up a new character.
Then again perhaps not. While my groups have never descended to that level out outright villainy, I've seen way to many horror stories to outright say that it must have been planned.
As for leaving NPCs behind, there was the time we left half of a dwarven stronghold behind... mostly because we accidentally offed the other half of the population by severing a massive psionic force that was controlling the majority of the dwarves to some degree the quick and dirty way.
So it wasn't so much leaving the NPCs as getting out before the axes started swinging. -_-;
Raxon 17th Jul 2014, 5:51 PM edit delete reply
Totally had to be. Fantastic use of a character, though.
Otaku 18th Jul 2014, 11:24 AM edit delete reply
The thing Raxon was talking about was probably planned, but a good GM (and player) takes opportunities that present themselves... and for someone really into the "role-play" aspect of the game, a fitting send-off for a character is true success.

A good question: how trustworthy was this character? I mean not how was he perceived, but how was he built? Now how about the player? Was this out of the blue or something that might have been anticipated?

If my allowance for such a thing to be "spur of the moment" or at least not a grand scheme e.g. the character wasn't built for this specific purpose... I had one incident myself in a GURPS 3e fantasy game.

GM allowed you to take as many Disadvantages as you wanted to try and deal with, so I was able to make a very messed up but magically powerful mage. I couldn't use a lot of powerful spells all in a row, but I had a lot of spells known at a level that (as per default GURPS Magic system) allowed me to cast requiring less time and/or Energy and/or Gestures/Words.

Short version; I carefully layered some spells to fool the other players, my high Skill soaking most of the penalties (though obviously I still was taking a chance). Invisible Wizard Eye/Invisible Wizard Ear to monitor the situation remotely, Create Darkness followed by Shape Darkness to create a shadowy figure. Great Voice to be heard even while hiding, and then Create Fire/Shape Fire to "attack" (my character didn't know the party yet) them with a bat composed of fire.

The party thought I was some sort of encounter, until the GM and I fessed up (...we assumed they'd figured it out, but it was the look of fear/frustration and not annoyance XD). Probably because attacking a magical shadow doesn't do any good.
zombi3DS 17th Aug 2014, 11:57 PM edit delete reply
"I still remember my first betrayal."
In terms of collusion I try to do that but not to betray the party most of them time but my rep for occasionally using it for personal benefit has definitely hurt me before.

Setup: Simply put I bet the team fighter 1k gp that I could take out an ogre or ettin (some giant ugly giant thing) with one hit if I could line up a sneak attack. I should have accomplished this goal but unfortunately I rolled a string of 1s with some 2s and 3s thrown in for damage and he had to come save my butt. Since I was a rogue who was notably a dirty rotten stingy jerk who cheated at cards I decided to pay him by stealing the money from the ranger. I succeeded and even took the precaution of paying the fighter in gp when I had in fact stolen pp from the ranger. I was eventually forced to pay the ranger back after he finally passed a sense motive check.

Result: I decided to play an evil fighter/sorcerer/eldritch knight as my next character. This led to some party conflict with the paladin and cleric but eventually he was reluctantly allowed to not be killed and I forced to reroll. However a few sessions later the bard's player noticed that they all left the DM's house before I did. One night everyone else stayed late and they discovered DM and I were writing notes and laughing (God forbid) in my character notebook. That and my character becoming much more polite lately led to:

The paladin's player, who had been the strongest advocate for my character being murdered in his sleep, to lead the party into an ambush. My character sacrificed himself so his friends could escape. Before charging at a horde of orcs he threw his bag to the cleric. As soon as they got away they began going through my stuff. In the side pocket they found a series of letters. At this point I pulled out my notebook and began to read.

Letter 1 Session 1-2
"Dear A**holes, If you are reading this I am dead. This is obviously your fault as my plan was flawless. I hope to see you all burn with me in the nine hells tonight."

Letter 2 Session 3
"Dear A**hats, If you are reading this I died on your stupid fools' errand. After you saved me from dying, I promised to help you as a personal favor not to commit suicide for you. I gave my word but know that if I died today I will find a way back. I don't plan to come after you as my death was my own fault but if I ever see any of you again you will die by my hand."

Letter 3 Sessions 4-5
"Dear Pawns, Thanks to you I am dead. I hope that whatever insane bauble that doddering old man sent us for was worth it. If I survive this I hope to never see any of you again."

Letter 4 Sessions 5-7
"Dear Worthy Adversaries, I write this in the Orange Basilisk. We haven't had work in weeks now. If we do find something and I fall know that I will return to personally end those of you who survived. You deserve that much."

Letter 5 Sessions 8-9
"Dear Allies, It has been an honor serving with you. You were very useful to me, and I hope I was useful to you. Actually I would like to say these things but my working with you cost me alliances with several fiends, a drow house, and led to the burning of my house. What you have done is raised my spirits for which I thank you. If we ever should part ways I will give this to the knight to read by the time he gets to this part I will be gone. I will laugh often and treasure these times and they will give me the will to conquer this world no matter how discouraged I get. So thank you all of you. If however you received this because I perished I think I will leave this world in your hands in the end you were the conquerors."

Letter 7 Session 10 (I died in session 11)
"Dear Friends, Thank you for this last year and I hope many more. I plan to revise this letter and write 4 new copies on the anniversary of our meeting next fortnight. Though you know that I am not a good man nor a kind one I will endeavor to treat you all with the respect you deserve. I will travel with you until the day I die of enfeeblement and if on that day I find a way to return I would present to you one last challenge. When I begin to conquer this world I will leave you be for a time and I desire that you should train and prepare for if any one group possesses the right, honor and power to defeat me it would be you. But if I fall by any mortal blade know that you are my greatest friends and that though you could not turn me to good you turned me from evil. If you are able to recover my body I wish to be cremated and scattered to the elements. I would like to apologize in death to all of you for the wrongs I have done toward you. Most of all to the paladin whose honor and righteousness are never in question much as I tried to show them to be."

I then packed my dice and books and headed home to reroll. I then got a call from the DM that I should reroll at level 3 because he had a new campaign in mind for moderately seasoned adventurers. I asked if we were keeping up our higher level one (only level 6-7 in truth but still higher than 3) and he said their was no point as the paladin had inflamed the group into attempting to take out the orcish warband and the party got wiped though the army had time to arrive and crush the orcs as a result of our delaying them.
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