Strip 477 - "Eight Weeks with a 9th level Wizard"

22nd Apr 2017, 12:00 AM in Cave of No Return
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Halosty45 22nd Apr 2017, 12:15 AM edit delete reply
I see, his problem isn't that he has fighter levels... he just doesn't have enough levels total.
Of course, he would very quickly regret becoming a wizard if he was faced off against a golem that he hadn't specifically prepared spells to fight that day. There are reasons people are in parties, after all.
Halosty45 22nd Apr 2017, 12:19 AM edit delete reply
Actually, this guy reminds me of those players who are schizophrenic with their character builds... and then refuse to embrace it wholeheartedly.
aodhstormeyes 22nd Apr 2017, 12:43 AM edit delete reply

Your point exactly. People who feel like they have to contribute something major to every single situation. That's not going to happen except in very generic systems where you can do pretty much anything simply by either RPing your way out of it or rolling a small handful of stats that everyone has access to... like the Apocalypse Worlds system. And even then mileage can vary depending on your character Playbook.

Anyone can gripe that they don't have enough levels. Or don't have the right spells prepared for the situation. That's called life and learning. And he's a Fighter 2/Magus 6.

I don't know what feats he has, but he can do one thing: he can hit the son of a bitch. His BAB is one of the higher in the party thanks to the multiclass, sans any fighter or other full BAB. Any fighter feats he's taken likely don't hurt his chances of dishing out at least some damage. If, as a magus, he had any cold spells prepared, it's vulnerable to those.

And he's complaining of being useless?

Multiclassing is always a risk, but he had a reason for it originally. Second thoughts because his magus levels simply "weren't high enough" shouldn't dissuade him from the idea simply because one can't be a solo hero.

As you said, it takes a party.
Registered 22nd Apr 2017, 7:35 AM edit delete reply

Actually, the BAB of a Magnus 8 and a Fighter 2/Magnus 6 are both a +6.
The benefits his fighter-levels grant him are a better Fortitude-Save, 2 bonus hit points and 2 feats while loosing out on an additional second level slot and third level casting altogether (and all other saves are worse). And I have to doubt that these feats are that amazing given that he's taking them first and second level, meaning that most feats that have a BAB- or Skill-prerequisite are out of reach for those bonus feats.
I mean, sure, he also gains heavy armor and shield proficiency, but he'll probably want his hands free for Spell-Combat and he'll have spell-failure chance for heavy armor. He also has spell-failure chance for medium armor, which he wouldn't have if he had gone full magus.

No one can be a one-man party*, but he has good reason to doubt his fighter levels if going by sheer efficiency. As a matter of fact, I don't think multiclassing is very valid in Pathfinder at all simply because few things synergize well until high-levels (or at least not as well as in-class synergy).

*Unless you are a rogue. They can use magic items via UMD, have an OK BAB and lots of skill points. They can do things solo as long as they aren't out-CRd.
Halosty45 22nd Apr 2017, 12:23 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, Pathfinder doesn't really encourage multiclassing. That's why they give you better abilities as you level up, especially the capstones at level 20. The question is why someone suitable to be a magus or a wizard started as a fighter anyway. No matter how much you want to build one, Int based fighters aren't viable. Anything more than a 13 is only giving you more skillpoints, which are great but not combat helpful. Certainly, nothing better than just having the points in strength.

Just to be numerically correct: Fort save is 1 higher with fighter, Will save 1 lower, Reflex is the same (at least at these very specific level differences).

aodhstormeyes 22nd Apr 2017, 3:42 PM edit delete reply

No sadly, it doesn't. I've seen it done once to great great effect, by a guy who was heading toward Dragon Disciple and had multiclassed Fighter 8/Monk 1/Sorcerer 1 so far in the campaign I'm playing in. He deals around 70 damage minimum per round with his fists.

But aside from that extreme example, Pathfinder is usually best done with a single classe and maybe going into something like a prestige class, but highly doubtful.
Nom 24th Apr 2017, 1:04 PM edit delete reply

Actually, I am currently using an Int based fighter (Well, Str/Int). While not optimized, there are certainly viable int fighter builds.

I made it because our party needed a utility character and off tank.
Malroth 22nd Apr 2017, 6:32 AM edit delete reply
Hate to break it to you but that was a prebuffed surprise strike from a creature that out CRed you by 4 AND is actually about 3 CR's more powerful than it's listed as. NOBODY is supposed to survive that kind of encounter level difference.

Plus you're only alive right now because of the microscopicaly higher combat stats you got from your fighter dip (better ac 2 more HP). Magus 8 still wouldn't have hit that AC even if you would have better spells to channel
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