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Strip 549 - "Escape Room - Part 2"

7th Oct 2017, 12:00 AM in Cave of No Return
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Strip 549 - "Escape Room - Part 2"
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Inbetweenaction 7th Oct 2017, 8:27 AM edit delete reply

that is a pretty good pussle
Snowtwo 7th Oct 2017, 1:44 PM edit delete reply

The Chessmaster 9th Oct 2017, 10:49 AM edit delete reply
The Chessmaster
So, I can't tell if the number in the coordinates is the shelf number the book was found on, or the shelf number below the piece's name. If it's the former, then I'm not really sure what the point of the text is (bonus puzzle to open the chest, maybe?). Other than that, it's pretty clear that the chessboard needs to be adjusted to match the books' positions (book names represent different pieces, the letter in the piece's coordinates is the first letter of the author's last name).
Zilfallion 9th Oct 2017, 5:39 PM edit delete reply
Gotta say, Raymond E. Feist's books are what started me on the dark path of reading fantasy books when I was like... 6. I blame my older sister for having the first 4 books.
DragonTrainer 9th Oct 2017, 5:44 PM edit delete reply
You know, for a second there, I thought I accidentally used that name in this comic page. :p
Zilfallion 9th Oct 2017, 5:55 PM edit delete reply
Let's face it, it's a very very close name.
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