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23rd Aug 2014, 12:31 AM in Forest of Doom
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Raxon 23rd Aug 2014, 2:17 AM edit delete reply
Heh. I had a modified sleep spell. I called it Nap Geass.

Will check to resist was 20+(caster level*3). Choose two targets, a primary and a secondary. The primary target will attempt to make their way to the secondary target, where they will immediately fall asleep. They will then sleep with the secondary target until the effect wears off, or unless the secondary target moves more than ten yards away. Effects wear off after (caster level*3) days. Duration of sleep is (caster level) hours.

Yeah, that's pretty hardcore for a will save, but it had its uses. Yes, this was intentionally worded in such a way as to allow it to be used for the appearance of rape or sexual deviance.

It was remarkably effective for framing my political allies, having them get caught in bed with foreign spies, or even people like the drow, whom we were at war with, which was a maaaaaajor no no.

Did I mention my guy was lawful neutral? His goal was to end the war and defeat the drow. If he had to ruin the people who got in his way, so be it. His opponents were vietnam type obstructive bureaucrats, who declared that we weren't allowed to hold advantageous positions, or pass certain lines to fight back, or, get this, draw any weapons without announcing peaceful intent and seeking nonviolent solutions first.

When the Drow are trying to kill you all, because of course they will, slaves can rebel, and you can't risk thilat, not letting your soldiers exploit tactical advantages, or engage in guerrilla warfare, or doing the reasonable thing and fighting to protect their homes until after they're already wounded, a dictator who wins the war with superior tactics, a minimum of bloodshed, and then steps down voluntarily doesn't sound very bad, does it?

And for reference, he was neutral and not evil because he was working toward the greater good. Removing people through such means is distasteful, but ultimately necessary for their own continued survival.

Long story short, that game got really, really dark. The DM kept trying to goad me into going full blown evil dictator, with small children being used as spies, and an antiwar protest where the protesters were sneaking in and stealing information, being nosey journalists. Heh. The journalists got thown in our worst prisons, because restricted doesn't mean it's fine as long as you print it in a newspaper.

The kids were rounded up, and scattered among many foster homes. On the other end of the kingdom. Until the children are adults, it is the job of the parents to police them. Allowing your kids to violate national security and commit treason is pretty much the best way to lose them. And the kids that were already orphans didn't really have anything to lose, did they?

Ruthlessly practical, but I could easily have just executed them all and been done with it. There were a bunch of other things, including a small child who tried to kill me, sent by my political opponents. No reason for the assassin to be a kid, except the DM wanted me to kill the kid, so he could say my alignment has shifted to evil, so the paladins could come kill me or kick me out of office.
Malroth 23rd Aug 2014, 5:51 AM edit delete reply

I don't think there's a single level where that save DC is even possible
Raxon 23rd Aug 2014, 3:29 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, I am very proud of talking the DM into that one. It does not work on enemies in combat, and immediately fades once hostile intent is nearby, so it is actually remarkably easy to break. Tons of conditions I had to agree with, including being within two feet of the primary target, and having been within five feet of the secondary target in the last hour.

But, for all the conditions set, yes, it was OP. But it could not be used to stop a guy from killing you.

Oh, and the other part is that the primary target rolls four dice. If even one of them is high enough(20% chance) it fails.

To be fair, he had just gotten his wisdom teeth removed, and he was pretty high on painkillers. I am not actually a good negotiator.
Malroth 23rd Aug 2014, 8:16 PM edit delete reply

A Half Elf Chaos monk 1/Paladin of Freedom 2/Warlock 1 with Max CHA Iron Will and 2nd highest stat in WIS Could be sporting a will save of +26 the DC from an equal leveled caster of Raxon's spell of Death would be 32 so for a 2 level gap passing it actually becomes plausable for a completely otherwise useless build.

Or you could be an Elf and be immune to spells with the Sleep discriptor.
Raxon 24th Aug 2014, 2:11 AM edit delete reply
Wait... Drow are immune to sleep, aren't they?

Oh man. There were no contingencies for those immune to sleep. It probably would have faded the second they reached the secondary target, since they would be immune to the sleep effect. Glad I used stakeouts instead of, I dunno, sending anonymous tips to the city guard.

Also, spell of Death? I... Don't think I ever described an instant death spell before. The nappy spell was so insanely OP specifically because I needed it to be, and I got it because my DM was high as a kite.
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