Strip 074 - "Today's just not his day, is it?"

20th Sep 2014, 12:00 AM in Forest of Doom
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Raxon 20th Sep 2014, 3:01 AM edit delete reply
Ah, so it's like Raxon's ability to change your gender with a touch.

No joke. Other heroes got heal abilities, strength, flight, telekinesis, or stuff like that. Raxon got an at will ability to swap you between male and female. And the higher power who granted him this ability was a jackass. Admittedly, this ability is freaking fantastic for cosplaying. And messing with people. "And now you're a dude. Bye!" Followed by teleporting away is incredibly mean, I admit.

On the other hand, after studying his at will ability at length, he has learned to forcefully shapeshift anyone without sufficient magical resistance, with or without consent. This is an insanely effective way of reducing most very dangerous enemies to joke characters. And also considered incredibly evil by everyone, so he has to stick with beating them into submission and handing them over to the authorities.

Tell a story about a special at will power or ability you love.
Lynceus 20th Sep 2014, 7:35 AM edit delete reply

"At-Will Power "
I resisted joining any 4e games for quite some time, but after I succumbed to the madness, my first really memorable character was Kalis Akhar, a Tiefling Bard/Wizard. Kalis had a lot of neat things about him, but one ability quickly became his go-to power for almost any situation: Prestidigitation.

A mere cantrip, Prestidigitation could perform a variety of minor "magic tricks", and with a little imagination, I found all manner of ways to make it useful.

The most memorable being the creation of the "new spell", Power Word: Febreze, which Kalis used to great effect in a combat against Trogdolytes. Penalize my die rolls, will you?
Lynceus 20th Sep 2014, 7:37 AM edit delete reply

Though I have to admit, Raxon's power is pretty impressive as well. I have a long list of self-absorbed, muscle-bound "heroes" I'd like to use it on...
Raxon 20th Sep 2014, 7:45 PM edit delete reply
All he has to do is succeed with a touch attack, and BOOM! Gender swap!

He used it once on a radfem who would not stop harassing him. She was more or less ordering him to to give her magic powers, and would not leave him alone. She wouldn't even settle for being taken on as an apprentice, because, well, the public sees him as an ass, and I guess that's not entirely undeserved. He offered to give her the power to take other forms, and genderbent her. She went away happy, right up until she realized what he did. By that point, he had alerted con security, and they kicked her/him out.

She threatened to use social media to force him to acquiesce. And this is how he learned about twitter, reddit, instagram, and all kinds of social media. The social media that everyone who knew him intentionally didn't tell him about. Yeah, this is the person responsible for Raxon starting a reddit account and posting videos of his awesome inventions on youtube. The person who led him to discover that he can scan magic runes into the computer to show people, and they can activate these runes just by looking at them, aka "Why is my office full of cats?"

Then again, the woman had come to a gaming con, specifically to mock 'nerds' and 'ugly virgins', so she kinda had some form of comeuppance coming. Wait until Raxon finds her tumblr and asks her if she's willing to apologize for her actions. But aside from that, consider this. Raxon considers his polymorph touch spell to be not very useful in combat. Why would he? He has a magic missile attack that basically impales you on a telephone pole, and the ability to make you punch your own fist as a freaking barrier spell. He has more or less outgrown the need to shapeshifting into bigger and badder creatures, or making his enemies physically weaker. Any enemy that's going to work against generally isn't a severe enough threat to require it.

Anyone he uses on is considered no threat whatsoever, not even worthy of wasting a spell on. I mean, even ALF/PETA and certain other extremist groups, like Stormfront, showed themselves to be worthy of spells cast in reprisal. One troll at a con? Not really. And yes, I will explain what he did to PETA. It is glorious. If you have a sensitive disposition, turn away now.

PETA and the ALF raided and burned down his ivory facility, where Raxon was using genetically engineered pigs to create ivory. The ALF, Raxon dealt with in secret. They just... disappeared. What really happened to them is that Raxon put them to work on his moon base preparing the dodos for reintroduction into the wild. And showing them his greatest horror. Lab grown meat. He even told them that the meat is safe and sterile, so you can eat it raw.

As for PETA, Raxon redecorated their offices in leather, and taxidermied animals. All the furniture was given taxidermy covers. Sheep, cows, dogs, and cats. And on every single piece of furniture, there were faces. The faces varied, of course. There were taxidermied faces, and skinned faces, with empty eye holes.

And the best part? The whole thing was an elaborate illusion that only high ranking PETA members could see.
Disloyal Subject 19th Nov 2014, 9:51 AM edit delete reply
Disloyal Subject
That was beautiful.
Ilmaros 20th Sep 2014, 8:00 AM edit delete reply

At will, you say? well, then. I've said before (though maybe not here but in Grandline 3.0... my memory for those things is kinda crappy...) i had a character in anima who was a physical god. Well, this guy had tampered with himself in such a way that he not only had an indestructible body, able to take any (and i mean ANY) amount of damage and just keep workning, no matter how dismembered it could end up (wich, by the way, was a bad thing to do, singe dismembering me only gave more points from wich i could originate my spell effects), but he also had the power to see everything in 360º without using his eyes, wich was awesome considering the guy was originally blind, but being a god who had control over reality, he had an array of at will powers that were a bit over the top. For starters, he was able (thanks to several eternal spells) to control light, sound and darkness at will, wich (thanks to an intelligence and perception of 20) made him able to make any sort of illusion without effort. Some other spells allowed him to have absolute control over every flame, body of water, the air, the earth, the cold, the lightning, and the blood and the soul of any creature in a 500km radius, as well as being able to make anyone feel at ease with him. But the funniest one came from his gnosis (a measure of sheer existential power), wich allowed him to turn any object with a given gnosis into any other one of that same gnosis or lower about 45 times a day (wich is way more than one needs). Ah, the laughs...
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