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23rd Sep 2014, 12:00 AM in Forest of Doom
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Raxon 23rd Sep 2014, 4:12 AM edit delete reply
"Poor Adin"
The guy gets picked on by all the other orcs, and now he has to murder Phaedrus and wear his skin in order to live.
o11c 23rd Sep 2014, 5:41 AM edit delete reply

"Story Time"
Story time: tell about a time when you wish you'd rolled worse.

I've only played in one campaign (and that didn't finish), so I don't have a lot of stories ... but I do recall that the best roll I ever got (+3, in the FATE system) was grappling another member of the party who didn't even resist.

He was trying to solve a particular problem diplomatically, but we thought it was smarter to just blow stuff up.
Ilmaros 23rd Sep 2014, 12:48 PM edit delete reply

Well, in the anima campaign in wich i had my god one of our characters got kidnapped and disguised as one of our enemies in order for us to kill her, an innocent being sacrified by those she trusted, thus creating a rift that would've caused a massive hell portal that our enemies (some sins avatars) had openned to become permanent, thus giving them a foothold to invade the material plane, enslave a couple millions of souls and summoning their true selves into the world. The plan was a longshot to them, but they deemed it 'fun enough to try'. The thing is that out of our group of 11-2 characters, the ones who went after them once we discovered the kidnapping was me and a friend who had an empathyc connection with the girl. Being a god of magic, i was not fooled by the illusion, and thanks to their link, neither was my friend, and we started battling the demons. Our fight was flashy enough, so the rest of the group noticed and went to see what was going on, but they arrived in the moment i was summoning up enough water to flood hell and saw our disguised friend, felling for their trap. With their nemesis in front of their eyes, they launched a vicious attack, but bein controlling the flood i had created, i was distracted, so the other one intercepted our asassin's attack. With his ad hoc penalties he rolled a 0 while our assasin rolled for about 350 or so. The result of the critical was devastating, killing our friend before i was able to close tyhe hellgates. Of course, since he wasn't an innocent nor was in the right place of the magic formation (the girl was paralized with magic), the ritual went to waste, only powering up slightly the hellgates, wich i closed anyway, but with the death of our friend the group got really depressed even though i managed to reverse time a little and store his body and soul in stasis right before his death. And before you asked, that was about all i was able to do because i had only about half of my powers, since the rest got stolen by our nemesis at the beginning of the campaign (in order to give them a fair chance to win against a god... i had to suggest it myself, since our DM was at his wit's end after reading my character's sheat).
Ilmaros 23rd Sep 2014, 1:12 PM edit delete reply

"Now that i read it..."
Now that i read what i wrote, it really does sound epic, but the game itself, on the other hand, was nothing like that... We spent like half the afternoon discussing among us to determine wether my friend was able to interpose himself in the path of our asassin's attack, and i say discussing like in 'trying to gouge each other's eyes out'. You see, the thing is that the discussion quickly changed from 'can he o that?' to 'why do you people always stop the game to ask if you can do something that isn't even in the rulebook?'. My friend and i were saying that we did so precisely because it wasn't in the rules and it was a perfectly logical action, while the GM wanted us to discuss that AFTER the game had ended, to wich we answered that getting rules to to put out a fire after all the people inside the house had burned to death was a waste of time and effort. In the end we prevailed and saved the girl by my friend's sacrifice, but after that more fise arose and the group ended up splitting. Not that i regret it (our GM was a dick), but finishing our campaign like that left a bad aftertaste.
Ilmaros 23rd Sep 2014, 1:14 PM edit delete reply

'Do', not 'o' and 'fight', not 'fise'. Keyboard fail :/
Nathan400 24th Sep 2014, 9:58 PM edit delete reply

I don't have such a story, but I do have one about trying to wake a sleeping player to get them into combat.

I forget most of the details, but the party was ambushed in the night and our heavy hitter was the only one not awake and fighting after the first round. I spent three turns trying to wake him, until I finally said, "enough is too much already!" and stomped on his balls in an attempt to wake him. That worked, but he took 2 damage from it. Oops.
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