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30th Mar 2019, 12:00 AM in Cave of No Return
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DragonTrainer 1st Apr 2019, 11:56 PM edit delete
Sorry to do this again, but the comic will be delayed until Thursday. This will probably happen again often this month due to exams and assignments.



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Snowtwo 30th Mar 2019, 8:27 AM edit delete reply

A hippie adventurer... Hmmmm... Interesting.
Kittoradra 30th Mar 2019, 9:05 AM edit delete reply

If she's dressed like a hippie, the first impression is "tree-hugger". I see two possibilities: she follows the appearance and she's a Druid, possibly a "pacifist" of some kind by not attacking personally or talking enemies into hurting themselves so she doesn't have to

Or she plays to the appearance, letting people assume, and is something like a multiclassed barbarian that will charge through enemies and leave nothing but corpses in her wake.
Otaku 30th Mar 2019, 9:57 AM edit delete reply

I was thinking something with sorcery or alchemy. Less so actual "hippies" (since I've never met any) and more how I've seen their shtick used elsewhere.
Halosty45 30th Mar 2019, 11:23 AM edit delete reply
Full sets of armor are still worth something even at high level! It would be a waste to just leave it.
Raxon 31st Mar 2019, 1:06 PM edit delete reply
I know a guy whose character does cosmetic alterations to the armor and weapons he takes off the dead. He'll add silver filigree, or embroidery, or other touches to make the gear seem a lot nicer than it really is, then when he sells them, he uses these touches to negotiate a higher price.
Malroth 1st Apr 2019, 6:14 PM edit delete reply
Nobodys noticed that every single party has a clone of the same archer yet?
nathan400 2nd Apr 2019, 12:43 AM edit delete reply
It's been mentioned as a concern by one of the GMs. When seems to be involved.
fellow 2nd Apr 2019, 5:08 PM edit delete reply
I mean, we've even had a scene where multiple instances of this same guy were interacting. I figured it was obvious.
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