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Strip 268 - "The tragic death ten years ago"

22nd Dec 2015, 12:09 AM in Cave of No Return
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Strip 268 - "The tragic death ten years ago"
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DragonTrainer 22nd Dec 2015, 12:09 AM edit delete
So, it's been suggested to me that I explain what has been happening for the past week. This was only brought to my attention a couple days ago, but apparently for the past week, there's been a troll impersonating me, leaving insulting comments on other webcomics on Comic Fury, and linking back to this one. If anyone remembers, a similar incident happened last year. Fortunately, Kyo was of great help back then and apparently he was of great help for the past week as well. Thanks, Kyo. ^_^

Also, thanks go out to druids for bringing this to my attention. I seriously didn't know until he told me. :p



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The Chessmaster 22nd Dec 2015, 3:58 AM edit delete reply
The Chessmaster
Sad fact about the internet: there are trolls out there, ones immune to fire damage. Fortunately, there are people like Kyo out there with lots of acid spells to bypass their regeneration. Kyo, I, too, thank you.

On another note, talking about ten-year-old gossip? I guess Vandelay really earned the last two syllables of his name.
Malroth 22nd Dec 2015, 12:19 PM edit delete reply
At least he diddn't drown in a cursed spring that now turns anyone who falls into it into him.
Otaku 22nd Dec 2015, 1:20 PM edit delete reply
How does it even work to impersonate someone else?

Are they signing in under an almost identical screen name and people just aren't double checking it (by now, when I see something truly outrageous attributed to an established person, this is now S.O.P.)?
Disloyal Subject 23rd Dec 2015, 1:32 AM edit delete reply
Disloyal Subject
If I recall correctly, it's just posting as 'Guest.' By claiming to be the creator of Pixel Crew and linking it, some folks take the bait.
Raxon 23rd Dec 2015, 6:40 AM edit delete reply
Funny how they managed to avoid every single comic I read. Of course, on comicfury, that's Friendship is dragons, grand line 3.5, jutsus and jinchuriki, and pixel crew.

Probably doesn't go out past comicfury, though. I'm pretty sure that such trolling would get you lynched by the fans in some of the others I read.

That said, I'm half considering subbing and domming to druids and becoming a regular there. Then again, I doubt I would fit in quite as well there, since I never actually played WoW.

Also, since it's an erotic furry comic, I am prone to believing that my sexual mindscrews would lack the oomph they have in the other places I frequent.
Zaerosz 23rd Dec 2015, 5:23 PM edit delete reply
Zaerosz we seriously *only* read the exact same comics on this site?
Raxon 23rd Dec 2015, 6:13 PM edit delete reply
I read several comics on other sites. I just have these four bunched together, since there's a lot of community in common between them.

Ahem, I mean, umm... We accept you. We accept you. One of us. One of us.
Otaku 25th Dec 2015, 9:17 AM edit delete reply
Wait, no "Pow! Right in the Nostalgia"?

That is the least "specialized" strip I think I read on this website; I guess I expected most to already be reading it which is silly. I guess I am so used to Raxon now I just assume he's there. XD
Disloyal Subject 26th Dec 2015, 3:28 AM edit delete reply
Disloyal Subject
"For We Are Many"
We Are Legion
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