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Strip 279 - "I don't think they're gonna throw out any more spells for this fight"

16th Jan 2016, 12:42 AM in Cave of No Return
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Strip 279 - "I don't think they're gonna throw out any more spells for this fight"
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Malroth 16th Jan 2016, 12:56 AM edit delete reply
Never say that, Even if your'e a lv 30 and you're fighting normal kobolds Never ever ever say you want to fight tougher things.

Because you will get them.
Raxon 16th Jan 2016, 4:33 AM edit delete reply
There is a line between challenging and impossible. It is a very blurry line, though, and impossible for one party is easy for another. Large swarm of animals. Nigh impossible for three fighters. Not too hard for two sorcs and a paladin. Aoe spells are devastating.
Greywander 17th Jan 2016, 4:55 PM edit delete reply
While many DMs would create a carefully crafted story and then become frustrated when the players manage to break the campaign and go off the rails, I'd be interested in deliberately throwing the players into an impossible situation and then seeing what happens. Players can be a creative lot when it comes to overcoming the impossible.

Storytime! Tell a story about a time when a task turned out to be a lot easier than it should have been.

(I might have told this story before.)

A while back I was in a Pony Tales group playing as a baby dragon, the son of an evil dragon lord. At one point in the story, said dragon lord shows up, with two adult dragon buddies. One of our party members, a pegasus, decided to lead the dragon lord away from the rest of the party while we dealt with the other two dragons. However, the dragon lord caught up with him and proceeded to pull off one of his wings.

Back to the rest of the party. Now, we had a rod of wonder in our posession. Not only that, but one of the party members had Laughter as their element, which mimics the effects of a rod of wonder (which is OP and was apparently redesigned in later iterations of the rules). So we use both to, in sequence, turn one of the dragons into a baby (reverse aging effect, I think?) while it was flying, so it promptly fell out of the air and splattered on the pavement. The other dragon we blinded and it flew right into a building. It wasn't dead, but it was out of the fight for a while.

Now, my character had recently gained the ability to fly (being a baby dragon he didn't have that initially), so I sped off after my dad and somehow caught up to him before he could pull the other wing off of the pegasus. It was a group effort by the whole party to deal with the two dragons and save our friend, so I can't take all the credit. Amazingly, we managed to chase dragondad off and rescue the pegasus with one wing still attached.

Now here's the thing: apparently the player of said pegasus had decided he wanted to switch out his racial abilities for those of an earth pony, but needed an in-story reason for why he suddenly lost his ability to fly. It turned out that the whole thing had been pre-planned and the pegasus was supposed to lose both his wings, but we managed to get to him in time to save one of them.

We ran into dragondad later, and at that point my character had had enough of him and didn't even want to dignify him with a fight. He wasn't some sort of rival or arch nemesis, he was just another mook on the way to the real boss. So he delivered The Reason You Suck Speech, which included the bit about being just a mook and not a rival, then pointed the rod of wonder at him and let fly.

Dragondad turned into a pretzel. Unable to untie himself, he conceded defeat and gave me his dragon hoard.
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