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23rd Jun 2018, 12:00 AM in Cave of No Return
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Strip 657
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m2012e 23rd Jun 2018, 11:50 AM edit delete reply

Any good stories of a GM who set out to deliberately target one player in a blatant attempt to kill them specifically?
Belzera 25th Jun 2018, 5:53 AM edit delete reply

"A 'Good' Story"
Right, so while the GM didn't start off trying to blatantly kill my character he did quickly start ramping up and I enjoyed the challenge, but here goes.

So a couple of years ago I was playing the FFG Star Wars force and Destiny rules, dice included, if any of you haven't played the FFG it uses an array of dice and each roll you make would use at minimum 3 different dice to define your outcome. Basically you could roll amazing enough to pass the check but you might end up with a slightly negative result to it as well, or vice versa fail but with a positive spin. The idea is to help create interesting results from the rolls and allow for more outcomes, in the hands of an amazing GM this can be great I suppose.

But anyway the campaign was set in the Extended universe setting and we where all Imperail Knight recruits and in our first mission as Knights we where sent to a planet where an Ancient Jedi temple had been discovered and the base on planet was under attack by the Galatic Federation, we arrived under fire, made it to the base, had a small miniadventure to the temple before heading back to the base as another assualt was taking place, we slaughtered our way in and encountered a lone Jedi, after talking to him a Sith walks in and ignites his doublebladed lightsaber. Combat started and with an impressive roll, I went first, I ran over and I disarmed the Sith of his lightsaber and managed to have it in my hand before the Sith could react, the Sith then tried to use a force power on me and failed before the rest of the party hit him with a barrage of blades before I managed to coup-de-grace him with his own lightsaber, that then becuase of a negative spin to my positive roll switched off and required repair... That was triggering factor of why the GM set out to kill my character, as the campaign continued;

He had me ambushed by invisible lizards as I scouted out an overgrown base repeatedly
A pair of Sith attack the group as we rested, but both started the fight by trying to kill me.
Had a Sith rebuilt with them explicitly designed to easily out manuver and class me for the climax of the campaign [And I have to admit, if he hadn't of designed this Sith to kill me, the party would of wiped in that fight, as I would of focused on the side objective which was to stop a computer from reprogramming a droid factory]

But my favourite moment was when Stormtroopers kicked in the door to a bar were we where meeting up with survivors from the Empire, 30 stormtroopers in Force and Destiny is not a joke. It might of worked except I got the first action in combat and lept into the doorwar and started slicing and dicing while giggling like a school girl, I succeed amazingly well with the first roll with a critical advantage that the description was pretty much cuase the rest to be stunned. I killed 28 of those Stormtroopers while one party member assisted, another tried to run away and the third dropped a wall on a Sith and killed her.

So yes the GM was trying to kill me, I enjoyed those moments becuase it was a challenge and while yes my character seems to be a murder hobo, please note, He was an adrenaline junkie sort of person who loved 3 things, Excitement, Piloting and Danger. Non-violent solutions including me working for a week as a mechanic on a spacestation to get the party a brand new spaceship while we where on the run from the Sith, while the rest of the party looked for information and got into firefights on said spacestation, point blank talking to a stormtrooper, confusing and delaying their search of our ship as the rest of the party snuck Jedi and Imperial agents onto it.

Was he a good GM, he was decent and better than I would be I think, but he was Fun ^_^
Malroth 23rd Jun 2018, 1:47 PM edit delete reply
Good stories? No Bad stories.... Pretty much every DM ever.
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