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Strip 742

16th Jan 2019, 11:00 PM in Cave of No Return
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Strip 742
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Rastaba 17th Jan 2019, 1:35 AM edit delete reply
I believe the clinical term would be ‘A Butt Load’. A butt load of HP. So aim for the butt! Tank and spank!

Seriously, no clue how much it’s got, except probably ‘enough to make it interesting and tight, but not enough for it to totally outlast them and outright kill them.

After all, there are more than one running around so they can’t have TOO much.

Someone more aware than I, or who has the resources to look them up ready, will probably give a more exact number soon.
kgy121 17th Jan 2019, 1:52 AM edit delete reply

95 each.
kgy121 17th Jan 2019, 5:44 AM edit delete reply

Assuming Longbow, that's 1d8 per arrow. Deadly Aim is basically power attack for range, and depending on whether it's 3.5 or pathfinder gives +1 or +2 to damage per point of 'to hit' you give up. At level nine, that's a max of 18 damage, and it looks like five arrows hit; guessing that three are from the guy who didn't deadly aim, that puts it at 36+5d8 damage, or a maximum of 76. A fighter with a longsword does 1d8+bonuses, but guy there went mostly wizard so that's probably not too much. Assuming it hit those three times, that's a max of 24 + say, 9 for +3 strength bonus.

All of that would handily take one Bone Devil out. If they max rolled.
Paranoidpequin 17th Jan 2019, 3:52 AM edit delete reply

Maybe it’s the same trick they pulled with the other illusion only they made it invisible? And the arrows would be sticking out of the dragon?

Iirc it’s possible to make invisible illusions but that just might be a home brew thing with my GM
Mariab2000 17th Jan 2019, 8:52 AM edit delete reply

Glitterdust wouldn't cling to an illusion.
Halosty45 17th Jan 2019, 12:21 PM edit delete reply
Unless you change the illusion such that it *looks* like there's glitterdust on it. Major image could do that.
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