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All LPC Sprite Artwork (unless otherwise indicated) were Dual-Licensed Under:

Backgrounds were created using Lanea Zimmerman's (AKA Sharm) LPC map tiles set

16x16 Backgrounds were created using Sharm's Tiny 16: Basic tile set

Credit for several background tiles goes to Daniel Eddeland (AKA Daneeklu)

Credit for several background tiles goes to Lanea Zimmerman (AKA Sharm)

Credit also goes to Garrett Wessner (AKA Gwes) for several items (i.e., beer mugs) put under the CC0 (public domain) license

Credit for several Vintage Decor goes to Ryan Fox (AKA FroFox)

Credit for campfire sprite goes to Zabin and Jetrel

Credit for several of the monster and animal sprites goes to William.Thompsonj

Credit for several of the farm animal sprites goes to Stephen "Redshrike" Challener and Daniel Eddeland (AKA Daneeklu)

Credit for several animal sprites goes to Andy (AKA Revangale)

Credit for several animal sprites goes to bluecarrot16

Credit for spider sprites goes to Stephen "Redshrike" Challener (graphic artist) and William.Thompsonj (contributeo)

Credit for several of the monster and animal sprites goes to Charles Sanchez (AKA CharlesGabriel)

Credit for several of the dragon sprites goes to Stephen "Redshrike" Challener, Carl "Surt" Olsson, MrBeast, Lanea "Sharm" Zimmerman, Blarumyrran, and Zabin

Credit for giant red dragon sprite goes to David Garay Salazar (Nirdia Entertainment)

Character sprites were created using Gaurav Munjal's Universal-LPC-Spritesheet-Character-Generator

Credit for several clothes and hair not found in the Universal-LPC-Spritesheet-Character-Generator goes to Nila122

Credit for mustaches and beards goes to Nemisys

Credit for Airship sprite goes to Nathan Pannell (AKA natebot13)

Crewdit for Cloud sprites goes to Tracy

Credit for some item sprites goes to Heather Harvey (AKA Emerald)

Credit for some dragon sprites goes to Molly Willits (AKA Cougarmint)

Other Credits (taken from Gaurav Munjal's credit page) goes to:

Luke Mehl
Most of the female assets
All layers in the tiaras group
All layers in the necklaces group
All layers in the buckles group
silver belt
iron belt
gold belt
brown belt
bronze belt
black belt
All layers in the robes group
All layers in the slippers group

Johannes Sjölund
shield (cutout metal hat)
shield (cutout body)
dagger (m)
arrow (skeleton)
bow (skeleton)
gloves metal (m)
helmet metal (plate)
hat (chain)
hat (leather)
hood (chain)
hood (robe)
page (color removed by Matthew Krohn)
page2 (adapted from page by Joe White)
Casting Eyeglow
belt leather (m)
belt rope (m)
arms shoulders (m)
plate (m)
bracers (m)
leather shoulders (m)
torso (m)
jacket purple (chain)
torso (chain)
shirt brown (robes)
shirt white (leather)
pants metal (m)
skirt brown (robes)
pants greenish (leather, chain)
boots metal (m)
shoes black
shoes brown (leather, chain)
The following base animations:
	Thrust (male)
	Shoot (male)
	Walkcycle (skeleton)
	Hurt (skeleton)
	Slash (skeleton)
	Spellcast (skeleton)
Oversized spear
Oversized male longsword
Oversized male rapier

Marcel van de Steeg
Tanned and dark skinned color tones

Manuel Riecke

Thane Brimhall
dress with sash
All layers in the Formal Male Attire group
All layers in the Accessories group (except necklaces)

Matthew Krohn
Adapted the following
dagger (f)
metal gloves (f)
leather belt (f)
rope belt (f)
plate shoulders (f)
plate chest (f)
bracers (f)
leather shoulders (f)
leather torso (f)
robe skirt (f)
metal pants (f)
metal boots (f)
golden armor layers (f)
The following base animations:
	Thrust (female)
	Shoot (female)
Oversized female longsword
Oversized female rapier
Oversized female saber
Oversized female mace

Lori Angela Nagel

Lanea Zimmerman (AKA Sharm)
blue vest
princess (color removed by Matthew Krohn)

Stephen Challener (AKA Redshrike)
The following base animations:
	Walkcycle (male and female)
	Hurt (male and female)
	Slash (male and female)
	Spellcast (male and female)
Orc heads adapted by Marcel van de Steeg from Stephen Challener's original material

Daniel Eddeland
recurve bow
Oversized male mace
Oversized male saber
Oversized trident
Oversized dragonspear

Shaun Williams
Golden Armor (male) layers (separated by Matthew Krohn)

Joe White
brown shoes (f)
black shoes (f)
thrust and shoot animations for slippers layers
green pants (f)
ponytail2 hairstyle (f)
plain hairstyle (m)

Mark Weyer
dark2 (male and female)
grey eyes (male and female)

Barbara Rivera
bangslong2 (based on bangsshort)
bunches (based on unkempt)

Shoulder Hair [based on princess/unkempt] (f)
Cloth bracers (f)
Sleveless shirt (f)
Tunic (f)
Cape [back] (f)
Trimmed cape [back] (f)
Tattered cape [back] (f)
Cape [behind body] (f)
Trimmed cape [behind body] (f)
Tattered cape [behind body] (f)
Cape clip [accessories/neck] (f)
Cape strap [accessories/neck] (f)

darkelf (male and female)
darkelf2 (male and female)

They are not responsible for any terrible job I do messing with color sliders for hair and clothing.


Several modifications were also made to said character sprites:

  • Recoloration of several body parts and articles of clothing

Information about D&D Pathfinder and its rules were taken from this site: